Codemasters Says Linux Support Is a Matter of When, Not If

The racing gaming studio is preparing to provide full Linux support for new titles

Codemasters is a studio best known for its racing titles, and it seems that the developers are considering launching some Linux games sometime in the future.

When it comes to supporting the Linux platform, not many of the large studios out there are even considering investing the time and the resources to make this happen. From time to time we get some news about one small studio that is willing to port its games, but there are very few major ones that are openly talking about it.

Codemasters is one of the largest studios that deal exclusively with racing titles. This is a more recent reorientation, but they had great success with games like Dirt 3, F1 2013, and the Grid series.

A user asked around on the Steam forums if the studio had any plans to release Linux ports, and he got lucky. One of the developers said that Codemasters was looking into it and it's a matter of when, not if.

“Honestly doubt that this is a thing since you don't have any other Linux games but any chance for support? If not at launch but even post launch?” asked the user.

The response followed soon. “Not at launch but it is something we're looking at and having discussions around. We'd love to support Linux, is a matter of when not if and for what titles,” said Ben Warwickshire, a community manager at Codemasters.

It's not sure what time frame this covers, but at least it's refreshing to know that the studio is at least working on it.

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