Citrix Is Now a Gold Member of The Linux Foundation

The announcement was made at LinuxCon Europe 2012

Citrix has announced that it has upgraded to a Gold membership, in The Linux Foundation.

Citrix is a participant in both Xen and Apache CloudStack, projects which provide the underpinnings for some of the world’s largest cloud computing environments.

“Cloud computing represents a significant shift in the way technologies users consume IT services and how developers build those services. Linux and the collaborative development are paving the way for this shift,” Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation, said.

“Citrix is taking an important leadership role in the open cloud by prioritizing Linux and collaborative development for advancing cloud computing industry-wide,” he explained.

Citrix is now a Gold Sponsor of LinuxCon Europe, taking place in Barcelona, Spain, November 5-7, 2012. Citrix executives and Apache CloudStack project members will also be speaking at the event.

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