Cinnamon 1.6 Officially Released

The desktop environment is now accompanied by Muffin 1.1.0 and Nemo 1.0.1

Cinnamon, a fork of Gnome 3 desktop environment, developed by Clement Lefebvre, the father of Linux Mint, is now at version 1.6.

According to the developer, Cinnamon 1.6 was released along with Muffin 1.1.0 and Nemo 1.0.1. The technologies implemented are new and users should not upgrade to them.

Highlights of Cinnamon 1.6:

• python-gconf dependency has been added;

• Bluetooth now works with Gnome 3.6;

• Tooltips and panel sizes for top/bottom monitor arrangements have been fixed;

• Applet tooltip positioning on multiple-monitor setups has been fixed;

• Displaying all open windows on current workspace in expo view has been repaired;

• Expo view in certain monitor configurations has been repaired;

• Nautilus has been replaced with Nemo.

A complete list of changes, updates, and installation instructions can be found in the official announcement.

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