Church Edubuntu Bizarre Project Shows Up on Launchpad

This is most likely just a joke, and a poor one at that

A strange announcement popped on Launchpad, regarding a distribution called ChurchEdubuntu, which is supposed to be a Linux distribution used for schools and churches.

The author of the Launchpad project said that the distribution featured an Edubuntu-based operating system than could be used by churches.

This is most likely a dummy project created by someone with way too much time on their hands and a very poor understanding of the English language.

“Due to a recent World's Tech environment changing we need join effort Non-profit, and Open Source in provide Software for Education, Theology fields in order to get the platform will be used for Churches and general publics and improve our quality life's status, that's should be testimony model to imitate for others,” says one Francisco Rodrigues.

It wouldn't be all that uncommon, given the fact that we already have an operating system called Devil Linux, but this is probably just a bad joke.

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