Chromium and Wayland Are Now Best Buddies, Google Chrome and Chrome OS to Follow Soon

Wayland developers have hit yet another milestone for their project

The Wayland developers have picked up the development pace and are now working to get the Chrome Browser and Content Shell running on their display server.

Building a display server takes some serious effort and a lot of work is needed. That's why enabling pieces of important software to run on Wayland is a very important step towards their final goal.

“Today we are launching publicly Ozone-Wayland, which is the implementation of Chromium's Ozone for supporting Wayland graphics system. Different projects based on Chromium/Blink like the Chrome browser, ChromeOS, among others can be enabled now using Wayland,” stated Intel's Tiago Vignatti on the official mailing list.

As the image suggests, the Chrome Browser and Content Shell are already working on Wayland, but the project is under heavy development and it's inherently usable. The developers hope that all that will change with the help of the community.

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