Canonical Turns the Tables on Android

The Flipped Ubuntu Touch Image has been released by Canonical

The Canonical developers have announced the arrival of the "Flipped Ubuntu Touch Image," which is a different implementation of the operating system with the same name.

The development of Ubuntu Touch powers on and now it has advanced sufficiently enough that Canonical is able to provide images that first run Ubuntu and then Android.

"The legacy Ubuntu Touch images run Ubuntu inside a chroot on top of android. For the flipped model we are instead booting directly into Ubuntu and then start up android inside an LXC container before starting any services/applications," stated Oliver Grawert on the official mailing list.

The "Flipped Ubuntu Touch Image" is provided for the following handsets: maguro, mako, manta and grouper (Nexus devices). All the images have been tested and work just like the previous ones.

Check out the official announcement for a detailed installation procedure.

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