Canonical demos LibreOffice on Ubuntu for Android

Demonstration of LibreOffice running under Ubuntu for Android on an Android smartphone

Richard Collins from Canonical Ltd demonstrated a few days ago how easy is to open, edit and resume a LibreOffice document using Ubuntu for Android on an Android smartphone.

What more can we say? The above video will show you a Motorola Atrix 2 phone running Ubuntu for Android while opening a LibreOffice document.

How it works? Richard Collins explains: "There is a single Linux kernel running in the phone. It's hosting both Android and Ubuntu at the same time. I believe that when a display is connected to the HDMI port, the copy of Ubuntu springs into life and uses a bluetooth keyboard and mouse."

Designed only for mobile phones with dual-core ARM CPUs, Ubuntu for Android offers a complete desktop environment with popular apps like Chromium web browser, VLC media player, Thunderbird e-mail client, Google's Calendar and Docs, Ubuntu's music player and photo viewer, Android dialer or the popular Gwibber social networking software.

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