Canonical and Red Hat Join Forces to Stop Secure Boot

The White Paper on Unified Extensible Firmware Interface

Red Hat and Canonical, both announced a few minutes ago, October 28th, on a short press release that it published a white paper called UEFI Secure Boot Impact on Linux.

The companies are also collaborating with The Linux Foundation, in order to make hardware manufacturers think twice before implementing the new "Secure Boot" feature of the upcoming Windows 8 systems.

Canonical says that implementing UEFI will also make the Ubuntu operating system to boot faster and have a better battery life on your portable devices.

"This is why we recommend that systems manufacturers include a mechanism for configuring your own list of approved software. This will allow you to run Windows 8 and Linux at the same time in your PC with Secure Boot “ON”."

"This should also include you being able to try new software from a USB stick or DVD." - said Canonical in the blog announcement.

Download the white paper from here. Find out more about UEFI here.

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