Canonical Will Sponsor the First XDA Developer Conference

Ubuntu Touch has been an OS of interest for the XDA developers

Canonical announced a while ago a not-so-formal partnership with XDA, but this collaboration has been enhanced with official sponsorship of the first xda:devcon.

Canonical is heavily relying on XDA for the development of their Ubuntu Touch operating system for other devices, besides the Nexus ones.

“From 8-11 August in Miami, Florida will be xda:devcon, the very first XDA developer conference. We are sponsoring the event and will be exhibiting there. We are delighted to be supporting such an awesome event.

“I will also be speaking at the event and delivering a new presentation called Building a Convergent Future With Ubuntu that will cover the vision and goals of Ubuntu on devices,” stated the Ubuntu Community Manager, Jono Bacon.

He also explained that since their announcement back in January, more than 4600 post have been made on the XDA forums, and it seems that the support for Ubuntu Touch is increasing day by day.

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