Canonical Will Release Daily Builds of Ubuntu 13.10 Every Four Hours

The name doesn't seem suited anymore for this kind of frequency

The Canonical developers are speeding up the work on Ubuntu 13.10 and are now planning to release the daily builds with a greater frequency, every four hours.

The name of daily builds might not apply anymore after this radical change, but it seems that it will help Ubuntu developers push updates with much greater speed.

“Yeah, we need a better name with that cadence change. So now, the daily release process is run way more often to speed up our delivery time to the baseline (every 4h).”

“The particular important piece for upstream can be summed up there: you now have a window of 4 hours before the "tick" to push stuff in different trunks in a coherence piece rather than only once a day, before 00 UTC,” reads the announcement from Ubuntu developer, Didier Roche.

With all the Ubuntu Edge fuss, we forgot that Canonical has to release Ubuntu 13.10 in October and the time left until the launch is shrinking every day.

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