Canonical Speeds by the $5 Million (€3.8 Million) Mark with Ease

The project is going well just two days after the official launch

Canonical is having great success with its Ubuntu Edge campaign, and testimony to this success is the fact that it just passed the $5 million (€3.5 million) mark.

When Canonical first announced Ubuntu Edge, not many people were confident that there is a market out there for such a device. A few million dollars later, the number of people hoping that Ubuntu Edge will not just become vaporware has risen considerably.

The start of the crowd-funding campaign has been great, and Canonical has set a new record for its first day. However, for it to work, they will need some amazing advertising and marketing.

The second day hasn’t been as productive as the first one, but now Canonical has lowered the price of the Ubuntu Edge, triggering a massive interest and raising the sum to $5 million (€3.5 million).

Ubuntu Edge is a next-generation phone from Canonical that is scheduled for release in May 2014, and the present cost is, so far, $675 (€510).

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