Canonical Sells Ubuntu Dells in China

Available now in over 220 retail stores across China

This Wednesday, October 26th, Canonical and Dell proudly announced their brand-new retail program designed to sell Dell laptops and desktops pre-loaded with Ubuntu.

Canonical and Dell will sell Ubuntu powered computers on over 220 retail stores in China, in cities such Xu Zhou, Su Qian, Lian Yun Gang, Lianyungang or Yancheng.

"The stores will feature Ubuntu on a range of Dell computers, and will carry branded marketing collateral in-store, trained staff positioning the benefits and advantages of Ubuntu to consumers and will be supported by a retail team of Ubuntu merchandisers, set up to support the stores."

"The work was carried out by the Canonical teams based in Beijing and Shanghai, working with Dell China." - said Mark Murphy in the blog post.

Ubuntu is the perfect choice for everyday consumers, providing a crisp and clean elegant interface with a full-integrated application center, and an exceptional web browsing experience.

The Ubuntu-powered Dell computers will also include the Ubuntu One cloud storage and the Ubuntu Music Store services built-in.

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