Canonical Releases the Most Stable and Advanced Ubuntu Touch Version So Far

A new Ubuntu Touch image has been promoted to the stable channel

Canonical has just promoted a new Ubuntu Touch stable image, and the developers are saying that this is the best release so far.

Ubuntu for phones and tablets was announced more than a year and a half ago and the developers have managed to provide a stable and powerful experience to the users, despite the numerous hurdles they had to overcome.

“It's been ages since I haven't been able to say it, but... we have a new promoted image (#294)! This image is now the best ubuntu Touch image we never had. It's been a tedious path to get there, so we hope you will enjoy it! People on the devel channel will be able to get the new scope design experience as per numerous other features and bug fixes since latest promoted image (#250). This, week-end, multiple images have been spinned. Some blocker fixes, some regressions went in and are now fixed,” said Canonical’s Didier Roche.

You can test the latest version of Ubuntu Touch if you have a Nexus 4 phone or one of the two Nexus tablets available right now from Google. A number of other devices might work with it, but you will be doing the testing without any support from Canonical.

Canonical has a pretty comprehensive wiki in place to help users test Ubuntu Touch.

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