Canonical Releases Great Update for Ubuntu Touch, Includes Haptic Feedback

A couple of updates this week have brought a lot of changes

Canonical has released a lot of updates for Ubuntu Touch in just a few days, and most of them have brought some interesting new features and even haptic feedback.

After the release one of the best images so far, Ubuntu developers have continued to improve it, almost on a daily basis.

As it stands right now, image 121 features new system-settings updates (as part of the continuing citrain new CI developer experience), session migration user data support, a few theme changes, an a working gallery app (it no longer crashes).

One the previous updates introduced a new Mir stack and a number of important changes, including haptic feedback.

According to the announcement, the latest version of Ubuntu Touch available for download is now the best you can possible get. A number of problems are still present, but they should be resolved in the following system images.

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