Canonical Presents Ubuntu Server Survey 2012

Over 6,000 completed the survey for Ubuntu Server OS

Gerry Carr announced last evening, February 14th, that the Ubuntu Server Survey for 2012 is complete and ready for general public.

This is the 3rd survey for Canonical's Ubuntu Server operating system and over 6,000 people took the survey throughout 2011.

The results of the survey show that Ubuntu is used in a broad range of workloads, from cloud to web and data servers.

"The overwhelming impression is the widespread use of Ubuntu both geographically as you might expect with respondents from across the globe, but also in the broad range of workloads in which Ubuntu Server finds itself used."

"Every category from web and data servers to cloud shows up strongly albeit with a strong bias towards traditional workloads." - said Gerry Carr in the blog announcement.

You can see the Ubuntu Server Survey 2012 yourselves in this PDF file.

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