Canonical Presents Ubuntu App Showdown Contest

Develop applications for Ubuntu and win big prizes!

Canonical proudly announced on June 14th that they prepared a new and exciting contest for developers who want to create an app, from scratch, for the Ubuntu platform.

Contenders will have three weeks to develop and deliver an application for the Ubuntu operating system via Ubuntu Software Center.

Winners will get a System76 Gazelle Professional laptop and a Nokia N9 phone for the first place, a System76 Lemur Ultra laptop and a Nokia N9 phone for the second place, and a Nokia N9 phone for the third place.

Ideas and votes for applications will be posted on Canonical’s reddit page for the contest. As expected, anyone can join the contest as it’s free of charge.

The contest starts Monday, 18th June 2012, and it ends on 9th July 2012. Click here to find out more details and enter the Ubuntu App Showdown contest. Good luck!

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