Canonical Presents New Ubuntu for Android Commercial

Ubuntu for Android offers a complete desktop environment on your Android phone!

Canonical published a few days ago a new animated commercial for their upcoming and ambitious Ubuntu for Android project (watch it above).

Allowing users to connect a multi-core Android phone to an Ubuntu desktop, Ubuntu for Android was originally announced by Canonical at the beginning of 2012.

Ubuntu for Android is not really an operating system for Android devices, it is intended to be installed on the mobile device alongside its Android OS, while it's docked.

Designed only for mobile phones with dual-core ARM CPUs, Ubuntu for Android runs on top of the Android kernel, like Motorola's Ubuntu-based WebTop environment.

Ubuntu for Android offers a complete desktop environment with popular apps like Chromium web browser, VLC media player, Thunderbird e-mail client, Google's Calendar and Docs, Ubuntu's music player and photo viewer, Android dialer or the popular Gwibber social networking software.

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