Canonical Prepares a GNOME Flavor of Ubuntu

GNOME fans will be able to enjoy Ubuntu OS without Unity

In the final day of the Ubuntu Developer Summit for Ubuntu 12.10 that took place in Oakland, USA, the Ubuntu developers talked about a possible GNOME flavor of the Ubuntu operating system.

Yes, that means Ubuntu without Unity. However, if an Ubuntu GNOME Remix distribution will be developed, it will probably have the GNOME Shell interface by default, and not the good ol’ GNOME Classic one that everyone wants.

This GNOME flavor of Ubuntu would contain apps like Abiword and Gnumeric instead of LibreOffice, GNOME Boxes, the Adwaita theme, and probably support for the GNOME Classic interface.

Of course, the distribution exists only in blueprints at the moment, and the developers didn’t yet give it a name. Possible names could be GNOME OS, GNObuntu, GNOME Ubuntu, UbuGNOME, or Ubuntu GNOME, according to a post on Michael Larabel’s website.

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