Canonical Making Progress Towards Releasing a New Stable Ubuntu Touch Version

A new promotable image might be ready today, if all goes well

Canonical is working hard to get a new version for Ubuntu Touch out the door, but the development team has been confronted with numerous problems and bugs.

It's been quite a while since the previous stable release for Ubuntu Touch, but the developers are working very hard to get new features in and solve the problems generated on the way.

The image count has reached 226 by now, but most of the new images are failing the automated tests that are being used to track and find the problems. There is no singular problem that needs to be solved, but among the problems, there are also some fixes that make it through.

For example, the telephony service and system settings are now both reading ring tones and various settings from the generic accountservice, a number of weather-app fixes have been implemented, and alarm/clock app is still being worked on. If all goes well, we might get a release today.

Ubuntu developers have a series of automated and manual tests in place that allow them to scan for problems before releasing a buggy image to the public. It makes the release process a lot faster, which is actually good news for the end user.

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