Canonical Makes the Search in Ubuntu 13.10 Completely Anonymous

This feature will be available in all supported operating systems that have online search

Canonical has finally addressed the problem of privacy for the Dash searched in Ubuntu by implementing an anonymization feature.

Past Ubuntu released have been blamed for the online capabilities of the Dash. Users who are now using the search function in the Dash are also searching online, on various services.

The problem, until now, was that even if the search itself passed through Canonical's servers, the returned images went straight to the IP that made the inquiry.

Canonical's David Callé has explained in a Google+ post that the smart scopes server from the company is now returning those images and not the inquired service (Amazon and so on), making the users anonymous once again.

This is actually good news for the concerned users of Ubuntu, but you also have to remember that this is a feature that can be disabled entirely right from the start, with the push of a button.

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