Canonical Launches Three Consecutive Images for Ubuntu Touch, Gets Ready for Updated Mir

Ubuntu Touch users will get to update their phones more often

Canonical has just released three new consecutive Ubuntu Touch images based on Ubuntu 14.04, and it seems that this might be a regular policy from now on.

Three new Ubuntu Touch trusty images have been made available, one after another, either as a download or through the normal OTA updates.

“While some part of the world is busy cooking turkey, other are working and furiously getting new ubuntu touch images out! We built images 33, 34 and 35!”

“Those contains some toolkit regression fixes, click packages to get less failing tests as well as a lot of online accounts bug fixes. However, we're still tracking some regressions (like no more AM/PM and date format going to 24 hours in the locale) as well as new found issue like keyboard not showing up anymore on locale different than English,” said Didier Roche on the mailing list.

The next step for Canonical is to integrate the new Mir stack and the updated Unity8, which should arrive shortly.

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