Canonical Joins Linaro Enterprise Group

The company also revealed its Ubuntu hyperscale roadmap

Canonical announced that it had joined the Linaro Enterprise Group, an organization that aims to accelerate the integration of ARM-based servers.

Besides announcing the Linaro Enterprise Group action, Canonical also revealed its Ubuntu hyperscale roadmap, which includes support for ARM V8 ISA.

This move was made in order to assure silicon vendors, OEMs, and end users that the company will provide support for hyperscale solutions.

“Canonical has been supporting our work optimising and consolidating the Linux kernel since our founding in June 2010,” said George Grey, CEO of Linaro.

“We’re very happy to welcome them as a member of the Linaro Enterprise Group, building on our relationship to help accelerate development of the ARM server software ecosystem,” Grey continued.

Canonical joined the Linaro Enterprise Group as part of its shared software engineering team, and it will work with members to continue the drive for commercial success of hyperscale and ARM-based platforms.

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