Canonical Is in a Partnership with Valve and Unity Technologies

The three companies are striving to provide the best Linux gaming experience possible

The Ubuntu Developer Summit in Denmark, Copenhagen, was one of the most exciting and interesting so far, mostly because Valve had participated almost as an honored guest.

Long before this year's Ubuntu Developer Summit, Valve has announced its intention to launch the Steam client for Linux, buy no one thought they would be participating to UDS.

Jason Warner, Ubuntu Desktop Manager from Ubuntu Developers, gave us some insight about the backstage of Canonical's cooperation with Valve, and Unity Technologies.

“We have people in the desktop team specifically working with Valve on a daily basis and with Unity Technologies. We have two huge gaming companies who want to work with us,” explained Jason Warner.

“We have someone of the their X side helping Valve and talking to them in resolving driver issues and how we can get drivers to the users in a cleaner fashion,” Warner concluded.

The gaming push made by Ubuntu, Valve, and Unity Technologies is probably one of the most important Linux collaborations in the recent yeas, and we are curious to see the fruits of their partnership.

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