Canonical Confirms Launch Date for Ubuntu Touch 1.0: October 17

This is the same date scheduled for the release of Ubuntu 13.10

Canonical has inadvertently confirmed the launch date of Ubuntu Touch through one of its developer, on the official mailing list.

Ubuntu Touch is still under heavy development, but the company has been skiddish about formally announcing a launch date. This problem has been taken care of by a Canonical developer.

“Only four and a half weeks to go and phone 1.0 will be a reality! Obviously we're all trying to finish or fix lots of things in the remaining time, but that might include hard-to-track-down and painful regressions.”

“We've got quite a bit of a backlog of things to land right now. This email is to ask everyone's kind cooperation in helping us land everything that is ready while maintaining high quality for the images,” Loïc Minier in the mailing list.

If the calculation is correct, it seems that Canonical intends to have a working Ubuntu Touch 1.0 ready alongside Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander), on October 17.

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