Canonical Bundles LastPass Premium Subscription with Every Ubuntu Edge Phone

Potential Ubuntu Edge buyers have something more to think about

Canonical announces that all Ubuntu Edge devices will be accompanied by a one-year LastPass Premium subscription until the campaign reaches its conclusion.

Even if the Ubuntu Edge campaign is struggling right now and is not drawing as much support as it should, more perks and features are added almost daily.

The last update for Canonical's crowd-funded project cites the enlistment of LastPass as a partner, at least until the end of the campaign.

“Ubuntu Edge is pushing the boundaries of mobile devices as we know them, introducing the best hardware and most innovative software and convergence capabilities.”

“LastPass Premium offers security continuity from a user’s PC to their mobile, we feel this is an excellent match for a converged device,” stated Joe Siegrist, LastPass CEO.

LastPass provides encrypted logins for users who don't want to remember all their passwords and it's an ever-growing service.

Ubuntu Edge is a phone developed by Canonical and it's scheduled for launch in May 2014. More details about the price and the specifications can be found in our initial report.

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