Can You Play an Awesome Nokia Snake Game Remake in a Terminal? Of Course

You will need to compile nsnake, but it's totally worth the effort

When Linux developers get bored, they usually stray into other domains and create interesting things, like an amazing snake game clone modeled after the original one found on Nokia phones.

Developer Alex Dantas made an amazing snake game replica, but he didn't just settle with a simple clone of which there are already a dime a dozen. He improved upon the original recipe and made some very interesting modifications and added a bunch of new features, enough to make it worth your while in 2014.

“nSnake’s still a snake game clone. But I’ve added a few changes so you could experience different game modes. There’s three maze sizes, for faster/longer gameplays, you can have multiple fruits at the same time, random walls spawned to give you something to dodge and the high score is saved for every possible configuration,” says the developer.

The game is highly customizable and that includes gameplay, keybindings, and even the general appearance of the application. There is one snag though, you will have to compile your version, unless you are in an Arch Linux system.

In Ubuntu for example you need to run a few commands, but it should be fairly simple:

sudo apt-get build-dep nsnake


make install


There's nothing to it and, in the end, you are playing the best Snake game around today.

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