Call of Duty Type Multiplayer Game "INSURGENCY" to Arrive on Steam for Linux

The developers plan to release a Linux version in the future

INSURGENCY, a first-person team-based shooter designed for up to 32 players, will make it to Linux soon.

INSURGENCY is a game, developed by New World Interactive, that started its life as a total conversion mod for Half-Life 2.

The game has some pretty interesting features, including intense 32-player online action, several multiplayer game types and game modes, multiple environments that span several unique settings, three unique player classes, and Dedicated Server support for PC and Linux.

The game is part of the “Early Access Game” program on Steam. This means that players can buy a game while is still in development and even play it. Feedback is recommended and, if it's pertinent, it will be taken into account.

INSURGENCY is said to resemble with the Call of Duty multiplayer experience. You can check for yourself on the Steam website.

The Linux version is not out yet, but it shouldn’t take too long before it’s made available.

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