Calligra 2.5.3 Is Available for Download

This latest version is packed with important bugfixes

Calligra 2.5.3, an integrated suite that offers a comprehensive set of eight applications which satisfies the office, graphics and management needs of users, has been officially released.

Highlights of Calligra 2.5.3:

• Calculate action function has been disabled when calculating, to avoid potential crash;

• A crash that occurred when calculating schedule (in rcps_solver_solve) has been repaired;

• A crash that occurred when two dependent tasks are deleted in one go, has been fixed;

• Setting task duration no longer messes up the schedule function;

• Export to pdf now respects report page layout;

• The resources allocation number is now calculated properly

• A mpxj based filter capable of importing data from Planner, PrimaVera and various MS Project file formats, has been added.

The current version of Calligra also runs on mobile platforms, named: Calligra Mobile and Calligra Active.

Download Calligra 2.5.3 right now from Softpedia.

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