Calculate Linux 13.11.1 Released with New Linux Kernel

All the Calculate Linux editions can be downloaded from Softpedia

Calculate Linux, an optimized distribution designed for rapid deployment in corporate environments that's based on the Gentoo project and includes numerous pre-configured functions, is now at version 13.11.1.

Users can choose between Calculate Linux Desktop featuring either KDE (CLD), GNOME (CLDG), or Xfce (CLDX), Calculate Directory Server (CDS) for server solutions, Calculate Media Center (CMC) should you need any, and scratch versions for those preferring minimal installations: Calculate Linux Scratch (CLS) and Calculate Scratch Server (CSS).

This is a much smaller update than what we were used to, but some important packages have received new versions, making this a very interesting release.

The biggest change in this particular build is the Linux kernel 3.12, which is not the latest one available, but it’s one of the newest. KDE was also updated to a newer version, 4.12.2, and LibreOffice 4.1 has been integrated.

Also, In CLDX, the session lock will be performed with light-locker, Clt templates now run correctly, and a new DM theme is available in CLDX. For the first time, users can choose an avatar for the login menu and the tmux tool has been added to all CL distributions

For more details, take a look at the official release announcement for Calculate Linux 13.11.1.

Download Calculate Linux 13.11.1 Desktop (GNOME and KDE)

Download Calculate Linux 13.11.1 XFCE Desktop

Download Calculate Linux 13.11.1 Scratch Desktop

Download Calculate Linux 13.11.1 Directory Server

Download Calculate Linux 13.11.1 Scratch Server

Download Calculate Linux 13.11.1 Media Center

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