Bodhi 1.4.0 Has Linux Kernel 3.2.0

Other important updates were implemented in this version

Bodhi is a minimalistic Linux operating system based on Ubuntu, that has really small requirements and now it, has reached version 1.4.0.

Bodhi 1.4.0 will be followed by version 1.5.0, which will be the last release based on Ubuntu 10.04 before Bohdi 2.0.0, a distro that will be build off of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

Highlights of Bodhi 1.4.0:

· Linux kernel 3.2.0-19;

· The Midori browser was updated to 0.4.4;

· Firefox 11, Chromium 17 and LibreOffice 3.5 are included in the repositories;

· The ability to boot fully into system memory;

· An issues that prevented PCManFM from runnig was fixed;

· E17's everything module calculator feature now works out of the box;

· Setup wizard has some color improvements;

· Minor improvements to the base system were implemented.

Download Bodhi 1.4.0 right now from Softpedia.

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