Blizzard Rumored to Launch a Game on Ubuntu, in 2013

The information could prove of significant value if it turns out to be true

Blizzard hasn’t proved to be the most Linux friendly company so far, especially if we keep in mind they are banning Diablo 3 Wine Linux players, but it seems that things are about to change.

There’s no denying that Blizzard is one of the most famous gaming companies and their releases have always been extremely successful.

The problem with such large companies is that they lose sight of their fans and start worrying more about end of the year revenues.

Until Steam for Linux became a certainty, they couldn’t be bothered with Linux ports or development, but now they have started to realize that Linux is an emerging market.

Michael Larabel from, the same one who brought us information about Valve and its plans to conquer the open source world with Steam, states that Blizzard intends to launch at least one of their titles on Ubuntu, in 2013.

A reliable source in Blizzard is quoted, but there’s no name attached to it. It’s unclear which game will be ported, but if we were to guess, World of Wacraft Linux Client would be a good bet.

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