Blender 2.61 Brings New Render Engine

It also introduces an extended render engine API and a Camera Tracker

Blender Fundation, the developer of Blender, an integrated 3D creation software suite, has announced that their software has reached version 2.61.

Blender 2.61 comes with a lot of new features and changes. Most notably are the new render engine Cycles, a Camera Tracker, Dynamic Paint and Ocean Simulation.

This new version of Bleder includes all the work that has been done in branches or in the patches from the past years.

Among other changes there's also an extended render engine API, new camera sensor size and presets, 3D mouse color wheel editing, and around 180 bug fixes.

Blender 2.61 also features new add-ons, such as Acclaim and C3D motion capture importers, Nuke camera animation exporter and importer, Adobe After Effects exporter, and Atomic Blender.

Download Blender 2.61 right now from Softpedia.

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