BitTorrent Client KTorrent 4.3.1 Fixes Various Crashes

This is a maintenance release with lot of fixes and few new options

KTorrent, a BitTorrent peer-to-peer network client based on the KDE platform which features a comprehensive GUI and a multitude of features, is now at version 4.3.1.

KTorrent 4.3.1 provides support for HTTP and UDP trackers, trackerless DHT (mainline) and webseeds, not to mention torrent grouping, speed capping, and other features.

Highlights of KTorrent 4.3.1:

• New custom groups are now appearing in 'add to group submenu';

• A crash which occurred when the user was right clicking on some locations in the GroupView, has been fixed;

• KDirWatch has been forced to use polling when watching NFS filesystems;

• A crash due to bus error in the 'ip filter plugin' has been fixed;

• Use extended selection mode in the syndication plugin so that the CTRL key works as expected;

• Sort by total leechers and seeders, if connected seeders and leechers is equal.

Download KTorrent 4.3.1 right now from Softpedia.

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