Benchmarking App Phoronix Test Suite 4.8.6 (Sokndal) Released with DragonFlyBSD 3.6.0 Support

The latest version of Phoronix Test Suite can be downloaded from Softpedia

A new release of the Phoronix Test Suite 4.8 (Sokndal) has been announced by Michael Larabel and is available for download.

The stable version of this branch has been released for some time now, and the developer has taken the time to bring a few changes and improvements.

According to the dev, DragonFlyBSD 3.6.0 support improvements have been added, support has been implemented for passing of test arguments to pre/interim/post test profile script hooks, it’s now easier to read the terminal width, the Phoronix Device Interface (Phodevi) has received a number of improvements, and various bug fixes have been added.

A complete list of changes and new features can be found in the official announcement. Download Phoronix Test Suite 4.8.6 (Sokndal) right now from Softpedia.

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