Beautiful Zukitwo Theme Is Now GNOME 3.10 Compatible

The latest version of this theme can be downloaded from Softpedia

Zukitwo, a beautiful theme designed for Gnome 3.10 that makes use of the GTK2 engine Murrine and the GTK2 pixbuf engine, is now at version 2013.10.12.

The Zukitwo theme has been out for a while now and the developer had the time to turn it into a beauty.

Highlights of Zukitwo 2013.10.12:

• The theme has been upgraded and it now works with GNOME 3.10 (The theme will break in earlier versions of Gnome-shell);

• The Shell theme has been revamoped.

There are also a lot of known bugs. For example, the IDE software Eclipse/Aptana may have some strange color bugs. Also, Ubuntu 13.04 uses a lot of Gnome 3.6 elopements, so there are still problems with the new build.

The theme has two requirements: GTK2 engine Murrine or later and GTK2 pixbuf engine or the gtk(2)-engines package. Check out the changelog for a complete list of fixes.

Download Zukitwo 2013.10.12 right now from Softpedia.

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