Bastion Now Has 100% More Linux, Shows Up on Steam

Supergiant Games has made the announcement via Facebook

Bastion, a beautiful action RPG that was released a couple of years ago, is finally available on the Steam for Linux platform.

Bastion was a real success at launch and its developer, Supergiant Games, become overnight gurus. They have managed to deliver a funny and engaging game that set the tone with its amazing art style.

The game was ported for Linux and distributed with a Humble Indie Bundle, but when Steam for Linux was announced, everyone knew that Bastion had to be one of the launch titles.

The information that Bastion has finally appeared in the Steam for Linux Library has been released by the Supergiant Games, via their Facebook page.

“Hey folks, the Steam version of Bastion now has 100% more Linux! If you own Bastion on Steam, it's a free update,” stated the announcement.

If you are interested in the game, you should check out the official Steam website.

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