Asimov-Inspired Game "The Fall" Arrives on Linux in 2014 – Video

A new 2D platformer is in the works and it will arrive on multiple platforms

The Fall is a 2D atmospheric platformer, inspired by the Asimov universe, that will arrive on the Linux platform following a successful Kickstarter campaign.

The Fall has been designed as a trilogy by the Over the Moon studio and it will be released in three distinct chapters. Players will take the role of an AI that governs the suite of a human that has been rendered unconscious.

ARID, the AI, must find a way to help the human and to overcome its built-in limitations, similarly to the rise to consciousness of the Asimov’s robots.

The gameplay is mostly built as an adventure game, but players will also have to be ready for combat. It’s also reminiscent of Limbo, as the entire world of the game seems to be enveloped in darkness and the artists behind the artwork heavily rely on contrast.

The game has reached a high enough tier for a Linux platform and the game is expected to arrive in March 2014. If you want to back this project, just head over to the Kickstarter website.

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