Arch Linux Ditches MySQL for MariaDB

The Arch Linux distribution has joined an ever-increasing club

Bartłomiej Piotrowski has announced today that MariaDB has officially replaced MySQL in Arch Linux.

Developers have started to migrate from MySQL to MariaDB for a while now. The first major distribution that announced this move was Fedora, but since then more and more Linux operating systems have made the transition.

“It is recommended for all users to upgrade. MySQL will be dropped from the repositories to the AUR in a month,” reads the Arch Linux announcement.

Anyone who wants to switch will need to install mariadb, libmariadbclient or mariadb-clients and execute mysql_upgrade in order to migrate their systems.

Migration example:

systemctl stop mysqld

pacman -S mariadb libmariadbclient mariadb-clients

systemctl start mysqld

mysql_upgrade -p

According to the developers, all packages depending on mysql 5.5.30-7 have been rebuilt against their MariaDB counterparts.

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