Arch Linux 2012.12.01 Brings Linux Kernel 3.6.8

It also incorporates systemd 196 and arch-install-scripts 9

On December 1, Pierre Schmitz proudly informed Arch Linux users that the usual monthly release install medium, Arch Linux 2012.12.01, is now available for download.

Arch Linux 2012.12.01 is here to bring an updated version of the arch-install-scripts packages, which is now at version 9 and features an improved fstab generator.

Being powered by Linux kernel 3.6.8, the Arch Linux 2012.12.01 operating system includes an updated systemd package, which is now at version 196, and the usual updates to the core Arch packages.

The next Arch Linux snapshot release will see the light of day next year, in January.

“Version 2012.12.01 of our install and rescue medium is available on our Download page. [...] The next boring snapshot release is scheduled for January 2013.” said Pierre Schmitz in the official release announcement.

Download Arch Linux 2012.12.01 right now from Softpedia.

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