Apple Might Have Bought Pear OS Update

The buyer of Pear OS hasn't been revealed officially, but it could be Apple

Pear OS was discontinued a short while ago, and the only explication is that a well-known company has bought it. It now seems that the company might have been Apple.

In case you didn't know, Pear OS was a Linux distribution that was copying, almost to the letter, the look and functionality of Mac OS X. Everything was going fine until one day when the developer told everyone that Pear OS was no more. There was no indication about the buyer, at least until now.

Now, a Black Lab Linux developer has just announced that he is leaving the team in order to join Apple. Nothing out of the ordinary, it happens all the time, but he said something in his goodbye letter, which also reached us, that is rather interesting.

“I'm leaving now to go help Apple in a Linux endeavor they recently acquired.” He doesn't say anything more, but the only major Linux project recently acquired is Pear OS. This is just speculation, but it somehow fits the bill.

We'll keep you updated with more information as it becomes available.

Update: As pointed out by one of our readers, Pear OS was forked shortly after its closure. The new Clementine OS was announced, but its developer received a letter from an American company that forced him to abandon the project. He later said that it was not Apple, but another major company. He could not disclose its name, however.

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