AppArmor 2.8.1 Adds Patches to Linux Kernel 3.5 and 3.6

The number of changes made in this version is staggering

AppArmor, a Mandatory Access Control (MAC) system which is a kernel (LSM) enhancement to confine programs to a limited set of resources, is now at version 2.8.1.

AppArmor 2.8.1 protects the operating system and applications from external or internal threats and all form of attacks by preventing unknown application flaws from being exploited.

Highlights of AppArmor 2.8.1:

• A small sleep call has been added to the onexec test to give the forked process a chance to run before verifying its current and future confinement state;

• A testcase has been added for the issue fixed in commit 2059;

• A nasty little bug that can surface in apparmor 2.8, when Hats/children profiles are used, has been fixed;

• Kernel patches for 3.5 and 3.6 kernels have been added;

• The profile cache can now be cleared when it becomes inconsistent.

A complete list of changes can be found in the official announcement.

Download AppArmor 2.8.1 right now from Softpedia.

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