Apache Tomcat 7.0.33 Released with Multiple Fixes

The latest version of Apache Tomcat can be download from Softpedia

Apache Tomcat, an open source software implementation of the Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages technologies, developed under the Java Community Process, is now at version 7.0.33.

Highlights of Apache Tomcat 7.0.33:

• A fix to the AccessLogValve to address a bug that caused some entries to be made with incorrect time stamps, has been implemented;

• A re-written, smaller, faster HTTP header parser has been added;

• Further performance improvements for Jasper, Tomcat's JSP engine have been implemented;

• Extensions to HttpClient test helper class have been added;

• Support for LAST_ACCESS_AT_START system property to PersistentManager has been added;

• A memory leak that prevented deletion of a context.xml file associated with a Context that had failed to deploy, has been fixed.

A complete list of changes can be found in the official changelog.

Download Apache Tomcat 7.0.33 right now from Softpedia.

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