Anonymous Inspired Bauer-Puntu Linux 12.10 Is Available for Download

The developer has chosen to keep the political statement of the distro

Bauer-Puntu Linux, a distribution based on Xubuntu 12.10 (Precise Pangolin) that gives homage to the activist group Anonymous, is now at version 12.10.

Just like the previous version, the distribution is again based on Xubuntu, mainly because it is easier to customize. One of the major differences is the replacement of Cairo Dock with Cinnamon, instead of using XFCE.

Bauer-Puntu Linux 12 features a lot of applications such as Gparted, PartImage, CHNTPW, Wipe, TestDisk, Metasploit Framework, Pidgin + Pidgin-Encryption, Openshot, Wireshark, Medusa, and so on.

“Again, like last time I went with an Anonymous theme for political reasons so the art work this go around is very similar to 12.04 with the exception of the login screen,” said Paul Bauer, developer of Bauer-Puntu Linux.

Download Bauer-Puntu Linux 12.10 right now from Softpedia.

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