Android Debug Bridge Now Woking on Raspberry Pi

A few developers from the XDA forum have made ADB available for Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is one great piece of technology, not to mention cheap. Developers from all over the world have done wonders with it, but now it has been listed on XDA Developers and people have staring do to a lot of serious work for it.

Opening a new thread on XDA Developers for Raspberry Pi seems like a logical choice. It's not exactly a mobile device, but due to popular demand, the thread is now online.

Shortly after going online, the developers have started hacking and tried to port the ADB (Android Debug Bridge) for it. After a few developers collaborated on XDA, a successful port was made, making all future development endeavors much easier.

Android Debug Bridge is a command line tool that permits users to communicate with an emulator instance or connected Android-powered device.

Raspberry Pi relies on an ARM processor with a clock speed of 700 MHz, 512 MB of RAM, an SD card slot and a 5V Micro USB connector that supplies the power. It also features RCA and HDMI ports.

More details about the ADB hack can be found here.

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