Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs Launches on Steam for Linux

One of the scariest games ever made is now available for the Linux fans

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, a horror FPS game developed by the Frictional Games studio, has been released for the Linux platform.

The makers of the game have promised that "A Machine for Pigs" has stayed true to its roots and Amnesia fans will not be disappointed by the experience.

The developers from Frictional Games have been Linux supporters for a long time and their previous games, Penumbra Overture and Amnesia: The Dark Descent, have been available on Steam for Linux right from the start.

The recommended Linux requirements are pretty high: a 2.0 Ghz core i7 CPU or equivalent processor, 4 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 5x0 or ATI Radeon HD 6x00, and 5 GB available HD space.

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is now available for multiple platforms on Steam for Linux.

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