All the Internet Activity Can Be Monitored and Filtered with NxFilter 1.7.5

The latest version of the NxFilter can be downloaded from Softpedia

NxFilter, a freeware DNS filtering software that can be used to filter and monitor Internet activity in a network, is now at version 1.7.5.

The NxFilter 1.7.5 is a tool capable of detecting and blocking malware and botnet based on DNS packet inspection.

According to its developers, the application also uses the local DNS cache to accelerate the Internet speed, load-balancing, Active Directory integration, phishing protection, just to mention a few of its features.

Highlights of NxFilter 1.7.5:

• The alert email sender has been changed to admin email;

• The zone transfer test button has been implemented;

• The reset_acl util script has been added;

• The table.view class has been implemented into common.css;

• The log_blocked_only option has been added into;

• The PTR record has been excluded from the domain length checking procedure.

A complete backlog of changes and new features can be found on the software's website. Download the NxFilter 1.7.5 tool right now from Softpedia.

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