All Samba Versions Vulnerable to a Denial of Service Attack, Users Must Upgrade

A new version that plugs a very important security problem has been released

Samba 4.0.8, an app that seamlessly integrates Linux/Unix servers and desktops into Active Directory environments using the winbind daemon, has been officially released.

Even if this just a small maintenance update, it's a very important one. According to the Samba developers, all the versions until know were vulnerable to a denial of service attack, on an authenticated or guest connection.

The current update fixes this problem and all users have been asked to update to the latest version as soon as possible. More details about this release can be found in the official announcement.

As usual, every new release of the Samba branch includes all of Samba's technology parts, both a file server, which can be upgraded from existing Samba 3.x releases, and the AD domain controller previously known as “samba4.” This means that previous versions of Samba will be compatible with the newest releases.

Download Samba 4.0.8 for Linux from Softpedia.

Download Samba 4.0.8 for Mac from Softpedia.

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