All "Metro: Last Light" DLCs Now Available on Steam for Linux

The developer has released all the DLCs on the Linux platform

After the release of Metro: Last Light for the Linux platform just a few days ago, the developers from 4A Games have also brought the DLC on the open source platform.

There are six DLCs in total: Chronicles Pack, Developer Pack, Faction Pack, RPK, Ranger Mode, and Tower Pack.

In Chronicles Pack you will get to revisit the Moscow Metro in these three original missions and play with three different characters.

In the Developer pack you will get to explore the world in a little more detail. For example you will be able to visit the Shooting Range to test every weapon, and complete challenges.

Faction Pack will provide the opportunity to play as a character from each major factions in the game: Sniper of the Red Line, a Polis Ranger, and a Reich Heavy Squad Soldier.

The RPK DLC is just a machine gun, with a high rate of fire, suitable for seasoned Rangers.

Acccording to the developers, “the Ranger Mode offers Metro veterans the ultimate challenge; the HUD is removed for increased immersion, all resources including ammunition, filters and medkits are more scarce, and combat becomes even deadlier as both you and your enemies cause more damage.”

The last DLC on the list is called Tower Pack. You will have to fight your way up through a heavily guarded tower stronghold and compare times and scores with your friends at the end of the level.

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