Accessing Gmail on Ubuntu for Phones Sends Users to iTunes App Install

This is probably just an oversight, but it's quite amusing

Canonical has just announced the Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview, a glimpse of the future Ubuntu for Phones, but it seems that besides the obvious problems, there are a few interesting ones.

After we installed Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview, we started to fiddle with it. As you would imagine, most of the stuff you’ve seen in the videos and presentations is just a mockup.

This is understandable, but we had the curiosity of pressing the Gmail app, which turns out it’s a webapp. It opened the browser, which asked for my Gmail details, but then it redirected towards an iTunes installation link for the Gmail App.

We shouldn’t be too hard with Canonical because developing such a complex ecosystem takes time and a lot of effort. Even in its state, the Touch Developer Preview is fast, smooth and holds a lot of promise.

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