ADCH++ 2.9.0 Has an Improved Shutdown Process

The latest version of ADCH++ can be downloaded from Softpedia

ADCH++, a hub software for the ADC network that implements the ADC protocol and which allows hub owners to further customize the hub using several scripting languages including Lua, is now at version 2.9.0.

ADCH++ 2.9.0 supports the latest ADC standard and many of its extensions, encryption via ADCS, Bloom filters to reduce traffic, Ping Extension between hublist and hub, and many other options.

Highlights of ADCH++ 2.9.0:

• The Lua FileSystem was added;

• The Lua Socket was added;

• User level detection has been separated, for limit and flood protection;

• NI, DE, CID and user command validation have been added, to comply with the protocol;

• signalSend has been fixed in Lua (thanks Andy Chmilenko)

• A few different functions have been exposed to scripts;

• +listreg and +regnick have been restricted to operators;

• Boost was updated to version 1.51;

• The shutdown process has been stabilized.

Download ADCH++ 2.9.0 right now from Softpedia.

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